Managed Brand Portal

Essential onboarding included.

  • Install and configure the portal system for your company

  • Basic theme customization

  • Essential Content Modeling

    • Experience — 5 pages

    • Identity — 5 pages

    • Style Guides — 4 documents

  • Essential Asset Curation

    • 20 assets — any type

  • Technical Assistance

    • Portal walkthrough/Q&A with your staff

    • Pointing your custom domain to our servers

    • Creating user accounts

    • Etc…

Onboarding Options

Choose options below to calculate your total onboarding fee.

Theme Customization
Basic Theme Customization includes utilizing our default page structure and adjusting all colors and graphics to align with your brand.

Custom Theme Customization involves recreating the entire page design to align with your company's website theme. You will need to provide a core HTML template, along with all associated CSS, Javascript, fonts, and graphics.

Content Modeling
Content modeling involves identifying content types and defining the relationships between different content types. This process creates a roadmap for your content, promoting efficient navigation and presentation.

We work with you to create a clear, scalable, and efficient structure for your content while providing guidance to improve writing for clear communication.

Asset Curation
We assist in organizing, managing, and optimizing your digital assets for easy access and efficient usage. Our team will work with you to streamline your digital assets library, making it easier for users to find and utilize your assets.

Style Guides
Style guides are at the core of your brand's visual and written communication. Our systematic approach to style guide creation ensures your brand's consistency in all forms of communication, whether it be your website, social media, email marketing, or print materials.

Custom Sections
Our default portal setup includes several standard sections which can be modified or repurposed to suit your needs. We can also create virtually any type of custom sections that you might require in addition to, or in place of, our standard sections described below.

Experience — This section consists of structured text that defines the perception of your brand in the minds of consumers, influenced by various interactions and touchpoints.

Identity — Also compiled as structured text, the Identity section outlines the blend of visual and content decisions that constitute your company's character. It depicts the face of your brand as presented to your audience.

Creative — This section serves as your asset library, presented in the form of a media gallery. The content here can be filtered by tags and file types, enabling your users to locate the assets they require with ease.

Style Guides — Each style guide occupies its own space as a document within this section. Style guides typically provide very detailed guidelines covering specific areas of focus such as copywriting, imagery, web elements, and print layout.

All services are also available on a pay-as-you-go basis throughout your subscription term.

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$349.00 USD
$1,200.00 each
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